Chamber Group Insurance is open to all members of Boards of trade or Chamber of Commerce members.

Our Chamber Group Insurance program is exclusively available to our members. Memberships must be in good standing to retain the group insurance benefits. The ChambersPlan group insurance accommodates businesses of all sizes, whether you have a single employee or up to 75. By pooling chambers together, we ensure that our group insurance plan remains the most cost-effective option for all businesses. This plan is accessible to all members of Boards of Trade or Chamber of Commerce. We assure you a professional service that prioritizes affordability and inclusivity in group insurance.

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First Step Business Accelerator

Take your business to the next level.  This program offers professional website development and a full program designed to show you how to manage your website, develop your social channels and build your business.

Free website, domain, email and hosting

Weekly development classes

Full professional support for 1 year

Improve your online presence and prepare for the changing digital landscape of small business.

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As a non-profit, membership-based organization of over 1,200 members and growing, our main goal is to help you start, grow, and scale your business in Saskatchewan. Our focus is bold – we value innovation and empowerment as we support women who are on the relentless pursuit of their dreams.

WESK is elevating the entrepreneurial experience by connecting you to like-minded professionals, so you can further your business, gain insight, and find your people. We offer our members access to business advising, financing, training, and networking events — giving you endless possibilities to unite with empowered entrepreneurs of every age, stage, and culture. So, if you’re looking for small business funding as you start a business in Saskatchewan, or you’d like to grow your business with us, our services are affordable, and the return is priceless.

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At BDC, we know business owners. We’ve been working with them for more than 75 years. We know their challenges and we understand their needs. And we want them to grow and succeed.

We support small and medium-sized businesses in all industries and at every stage of growth with money and advice. We are the Business Development Bank of Canada. We are BDC.

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