The Nipawin & District  Chamber of Commerce

The Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce is the go-to non-partisan, non-profit membership organization for business support in the region. We recognize and honor outstanding businesses through our annual ABEX Awards/ Business Recognitions, and provide members with an array of benefits including group insurance options, discounted shipping rates, advocacy services, and networking opportunities. With an expansive range of professionals on the chamber board your business has many ways to benefit from our collective experience and resources.


Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce Business Resources



​The mission of the Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce Incorporated is to advocate for, and enhance, the economic growth of the region for the benefit of all. 

Live, Shop, Play, Invest Northeast Saskatchewan



​The Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce  advocates for the business community to provide an environment for economic development and business prosperity for the Greater Northeast Region.


The Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce Board is comprised of Chamber member businesses. If you are interested in being a business leader in your community and want to join the chamber board, contact us today.




​The Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce serves as the advocate for the business community to provide an environment for economic development and business prosperity for the Greater Northeast Region.

5 Reasons to join a Chamber of Commerce

It increases your credibility Belonging to a chamber gives your business a leg up conpared to those who are not members. A company with this level of credibility becomes desirable to consumers, increasing the likeliness they'll seek out your goods or services in the future. While you business's positive perception increases, so will your profits...

How can I make my Chamber of Commerce Successful

How Can I Make My Chamber of Commerce Successful? Chambers of Commerce can act as a bridge between governments, small businesses, corporations, schools, religious organizations, and the general public. Usually, they rely on volunteers to make sure they are successful. Plus, getting involved with a Chamber of Commerce in your community can offer significant benefits...

Released on December 6, 2022 Newly introduced Labour Mobility and Fair Registration Regulations come into force Today, Minister of Immigration and Career Training Jeremy Harrison announced new, comprehensive regulations that reduce administrative credential recognition barriers faced by workers from other provinces and those trained internationally, enabling them to work in regulated occupations in Saskatchewan more...

Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board 2024 average premium rate remains unchanged from 2023 Regina, Sask., Dec. 11, 2023 – The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has approved the 2024 average employer premium rate to remain unchanged from the 2023 rate of $1.28 per hundred dollars of payroll.  “The primary drivers of the 2024 premium rate are claim...

Saskatchewan businesses facing financial pressures in 2023 By Montana Getty  Global NewsPosted December 2, 2022 4:03 pm Heading into the new year, many companies are rolling over their fiscal year with added financial pressures. Saskatchewan businesses saw a minimum wage increase in October, compounded with EI, CPP and payroll tax increases. “Margins will be squeezed and people will be having a hard...